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Troubleshooting non-standard blocks and reprocessing them

what to do with difficult and impossible to cut blocks?

From time to time, in all histopathology laboratories, paraffin blocks will be encountered that are difficult or even impossible to section.

.certainly this problem has its own reasons, so we decided to write this article due to the importance of the issue

 in some cases,this problem may be due to the type of the specimen and the tissue elements. these elements can cause some  problems and sometimes sectioning these tissues can be difficult and challenging even with right passage and processing.

Fibroid, thyroid, heavily keratinised skin, nail and blood clot are examples of .challenging specimens that can cause problems in blocks

description of problem blocks with possible causes

 sometimes problem blocks result from wrong fixation , inappropriate processing -including over-processing or under-processing or instrument fault during the worst case the whole batch of the specimen can be affected.

  first of all , we recommend you to find the main reason of problem then yo can try to fix it according to the reason.

 in bellow with list of the articles we trying to deal with a number of these problems including tissue shrinkage, fatty specimens and ets, with their possible solutions.

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