What is Tissue Texture?

a tissue is a collection of similar cells and their extracellular matrix from a source that performs a specific function together. infact , a set of similar cells that perform the same function is called tissue.

different organs of body are divided into several groups  according to the function of a set of tissue.

the english word “Tissue” is derived from the french word ” Tissu” , meaning ” a ribbon or belt of woven materials.

  the study of human and animal tissues is known as histopathology and the study of tissues to detect diseases is known as histopathology.

plants tissues are studied in both plant anatomy and physiology.

classic tools for studying tissues are paraffin blocks in which tissue is embedded and then cut and studying under a microscope after staining.

animal or human tissues are divided to four main groups: connective tissues, muscle tissues, nerve tissues and epithelial tissues.

a set of tissues that are joined together to perform a common function make up the different organs. while all animals can generally be considered to contain four types of tissue ,the appearance and characteristics of these tissues can vary depending on the types of organism.

  • Connective Tissue

  • Muscle Tissue

  • Nerve Tissue

  • Epithelial Tissue