can’t you choose the right microtome?

Many factors must be considered to select the appropriate microtome from a wide range of Didsabz products in the category of mechanical, semi-automatic and fully automatic microtomes.

The operational mechanism , technical specifications of the device, ancillary capabilities including blade holder, block and… and the efficiency of the device in terms of the number of daily sections, price and several other parameters are all considered in parallel and based on pathology laboratory conditions to the best Selection from the main category (mechanical, semi-automatic  and fully automatic microtomes) and Consequently, the best model suitable for the pathology laboratory is selected

In the following, we have provided a comparison of all the mentioned parameters in a table

We suggest that you check the general aspects of the correct choice before choosing the type of microtome

The experts of Didsabz sales unit are also ready to answer your questions.

more details…Comparison of the Microtomes

Microtome Comparison chart ! PDF

 Fully-Automatic Intelligent Microtome with Wifi


Fully-Automatic Intelligent Microtome


Fully-automatic Microtome


Semi-Automatic MIcrotome

DS9209 (Mic-JS)

Semi-Automatic Microtome

DS9209 (Mic-B)

Mechanical Sectioning Microtome


Mechanical Sectioning Microtome