Choosing Microtome

راهنمای میکروتوم

Choosing the right Microtome

What to do when choosing and buying a Microtome and Microtome blade?

Here are four important tips Which helps you in this process, These are helpful tips to remind you of the important considerations to keep in mind when choosing and buying a Microtome. Once you understand what these considerations are, the next step is to determine which Microtome is right for you.

 Safety and ergonomics

Maintaining the safety of the laboratory environment and staff should always be a top priority. Choose a Microtome that follows   the following safety instructions:

  • There must be a safety lock on the Microtome hand wheel which locks the Microtome hand wheel to maintain the safety of the user when inserting and removing the tissue sample or Microtome blade Or other times when there is no need to release the Microtome hand wheel.
  • Existence of Microtome blade protector that covers the Microtome blade at the end of the work or when placing and removing the sample to prevent any contact of the user’s hand with the blade.
  • Existence of emergency stop button on automatic Microtome or Foot switch for immediate stop of the engine in emergency situations.
  • It is necessary to have two separate buttons to start the motor and To prevent accidental operation of the motor connected to the Microtome hand wheel in Automatic Microtomes.
  • In Automatic Microtome models it is necessary to prevent any damage while working in Automatic mode. It is possible to retract the Microtome by hand.
  • The Microtome blade must be able to be removed from the blade holder (Microtome blade holder) or mounted on it without risk of damage.
  • If you prefer a manual Microtome to buy, make sure the Microtome hand wheel is closer to the user To provide long-term ergonomic comfort.
  • The balance of the sample head can be adjusted according to the size and weight of the sample clamp. To avoid accidentally falling on the Microtome blade at high sectioning speeds.
میکروتوم روتاری
Rotary Microtome

Did Sabz Microtome

Good sectioning quality is important for patient care.

Quality and accuracy always come first Because the patient’s body tissues are lent to the laboratory staff. Therefore, each part of the section is important when sectioning the patient’s tissue.

High quality sections are the result of several factors such as accuracy, stability and quality of individual components. Including precision feeding mechanism, Microtome stability to ensure vibration-free sectioning, quality of components such as blade holder, Tissue block clamp and consumables such as Microtome blade, Adjusting the precise orientation of the sample with a zero point reference allows the sample to be quickly aligned and prepared for re-sectioning.

didsabz rotary microtome
Didsabz semi automatic microtome

Product brand/ credit rating

Ask yourself the following questions to reduce your choices:

Buying a new or second-hand Microtome?

Buying a new Microtome will give you peace of mind which means this device has No history, When buying a Microtome from a vendor other than the original manufacturer, there is always a risk that the device will not be updated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

didsabz intelligent microtome

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