H&E tissue staining

رنگ آمیزی H&E

H&E tissue staining

general H&E staining is a method  that is commonly used in most pathology laboratories. It also known as  Hematoxylin-eosin. This name is actually derived from the name of the material used to perform this method. In this method ,the nucleus and cytoplasm are distinguished and shown with two different colors.

The cell nucleus turns to purple and the cytoplasm turns to pink.

In the following, you can see the staining process recommended by Did sabz company for pathology slides as follow

The recommended staining program is as follows:

Stage1 : pure xylene (2 minute)

Stage2 : pure xylene(2 minute)

Stage 3 : ethanol (3 minute)

Stage 4: ethanol (3 minute)

Stage 5 :ethanol (3 minute)

Stage 6: ethanol ( 3 minute)

Stage 7: distilled water

Stage 8 : hematoxylin dye ( 10 minute)

Stage 9: distilled water

Stage 10: agitation in 1% alcohol acid ( 2 times)

Stage 11: agitation in 1% lithium carbonate (2 times)

Stage 12: eosin dye ( 2-5 minute)

Stage 13: distilled water

Stage 14: agitation in 70% ethanol (10 seconds)

Stage 15: agitation in 75% ethanol (10 seconds)

Stage 16: agitation in 96% ethanol (10 seconds)

Stage 17:Mix alcohol and xylene (2 to 3 minutes)

Stage  18: Pure Xylene (2 minutes)

Stage  19: Pure Xylene (2 minutes)

Stage  20: Pure Xylene (2 minutes)

tissue staining

Did sabz company’s recommended staining process

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