Tissue preparation solutions

Tissue preparation solution


Tissue preparation solutions

It can be said that sample tissue preparation is one of the main stages of pathology .so Solutions in the tissue processor device used for preparation and also their purity is very important.This article describes these solutions in following and the  DidSabz’s recommended program for the best tissue processing is presented.

How to control and replace solutions in Tissue processor

Containers 1 and 2: Formalin

Containers 3-8: Alcohol of different purity

Containers 9 and 11: Xylene

Containers 11 and 12: Paraffin

Attention:  Replacement of TP solutions should be done at least per 10 passages

How  to control the purity of alcohol solutions

1.Using an alcohol meter to measure the percentage of alcohol .

2.Alcohol is poured into pure water. If there is no color change in the water, the percentage of alcohol has not changed, but if the color of water is changed to white, alcohol content is changed and can not be used.

  1. High-grade alcohols saturate sooner. Anhydrous copper sulfate can be used in two containers containing absolute alcohol. It is poured up to 1-2 cms at the bottom of the container. Then we cut a piece of paper strainer and put it in the container to be separated from the alcohol and sulfate.Copper sulfate has two advantages: first, it has hydrophobic properties, and second, if alcohol is dehydrated Its color changes to blue and it is time to change the alcohol.
  • Eliminating alcohol containers No.3 & No.4 ,renewing absolute alcohol containers No.7 & No.8, displacing alcohol containers No.5 with No.3, No.6 with NO.4 , No.7 with No.5 & No.8 with No.6 .
  • Eliminating the Xylene and drain the Xylene  10 poured into No.9 and fill the fresh xylene in No.9
  • Remove paraffin No. 11 and emptying No.12 in No.11 and renewing No.12 with fresh paraffin

To minimize the use of solutions and prolonging the solution changing period, the sample can be dried after each step. So less impurities are transferred from one stage to the next.

Tissue preparation solution

Didsabz’s recommended program for the best tissue processing

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