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Methods for identifying, classification and archiving the slides

opening the wrinkles of the cut tissue in a tissue float ,they are transferred on an slide ,Then the block number is written with a diamond pencil on the corner of the slide .In order to keep the section on the slide without any separation during staining, lamel with a drop of liquid glue or glycerin-albumin solution is placed on the slide before transferring the section.


  After placing the sections on the slides for drying. Put them on the hot plate DS2025/H or slide warmer ,for removing the extra liquids .

In the pathology laboratory, all slides should be filed and archived regularly for at least 10 years citing the year and number the slides are prepared for ease of access any time needed.
for example one method for archiving the slides is that DP is written  then the  last two numbers of the year and the sample  number are cited, for instance  06780-09-DP

slide warmer

Did Sabz slide warmer for drying slides

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