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 Tissue float ds9008



Tissue Float  Model DS9008 is a device which is responsible to fix the hot water temperature of the tank.

Paraffin bath produced by Did Sabz company controls the temperature of the water by an electronic sensor to flatten the serial and consecutive sections of animal and human tissues for ease of making slides of the specimens.

As this device fixes the water solution temperature of the tank with 4.0°c accuracy, it is a suitable device for reserving the specimen, solutions, chemical enzymes and the immunohystology materials.

The system is controlled by a microprocessor and its panel is smooth and this ergonomic and schematic design makes it be used easily by the operators.



-  The tank is made of Pyrex glass and could be removed

-  Independency in supplying the parts and spare parts from abroad

-  On time servicing and technical supply by the professional experts

-  The device could be easily set up and utilized

-  The power consumption is very low in comparison to the domestic or foreign similar devices

-   The temperature could be set from 38 to 75°c

-   Digital curser and a semi inclined control panel

-   Holding wide edges and borders for keeping the microscopic samples

-   1.7 liter tank capacity

-  The device weighs 8.2 kilogram

-  The temperature fixation takes place by ±4°c tolerance




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