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As the true implementation and execution of the tissue passage stages and preparation of the human tissues are very sensitive and important processes,  Did Sabz Company thought of designing an SMS software package to prevent and being informed about any problem in execution of passing the tissue in a Real-Time manner . This software  system is not only supervising  all of the operations of the Tissue Processor Device but also reports the disorders caused by the power off  to the operator and any fault in automatic tissue passing process is notified to the operator via SMS.



For instance in case of any fault in any function of the system like the programmed displacements in the stations and/or fault about the temperature of the paraffin containers or any other unplanned faults  a Real-Time SMS is sent to the operator for decision making . In other  words this SMS Package operates as a no error supervisor which supervises all of the up and down operations or the displacement of the solutions in automatic mode and informs the operator about the probable problems. Receiving reports about operation of the device and also being informed about the successful end of any stage of the tissue passage are of the other advantages of the SMS System.