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The Rotary Microtome Model DS4055 is produced by DID SABZ Company which holds the responsibility of cutting the human and animal tissues embedded in paraffin. The thickness of the sections could be adjusted according to the tissue type and by the operator easily. Special ball bearings are used in motional mechanisms of the device which not only lengthen the life time of the device, but also increase the efficiency of it. This Microtome holds two micro and macro handles. The Micro Handle cuts the tissue and the Macro handle moves the specimen rapidly toward the blade.

The section Thickness could be set via the front panel and the volume key from 0 to 60 microns by the operator.

The system is equipped with Retraction System which leads to the serial sections and also prevents warming up of the paraffin blocks.

 The specimen clamp is designed in a way that the Standard Paraffin Block or  Tissue Embedding Cassete clamps could be installed easily and the different Plastic or conventional Paraffin Blocks could be used. The Blade holder consists of two parts and the whole collection could be set according to the blade type or by the will of the operator from 0 to 25 degrees angle to the specimen. This part is designed in a way that different types of the knives or the disposable blade holders could be installed on it easily.


-  Independency in supplying the parts and spare parts from abroad

-  On time servicing and technical supply by the professional experts

-  Fully Mechanic and Modular System

-  No gear is used in this device for controlling the specimen feed so the device operates with high accuracy for long time.

-  The plastic tissue container Clamp could be installed easily

-  Section thickness ranges from 0.5 to 60 microns

-  The device weighs approximately 37.5 kilograms

-  The angle of the blade could be set from 5 to 25 degrees to the specimen or the paraffin block by the operator

-  Equipped with Micron handle in all rotational situations

-  Ease of operation

-  The specimen could be rapidly moved through the blade by a Macro handle

-  Use of the special Ball Bearings in moving parts of the device to prevent the rapid amortization of the device

-  Equipped with Automatic Retraction System for serial sectioning


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