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Paraffin Dispenser Model  DS4LM produced by Did Sabz is a device with a digital display panel which controls and fixes the temperature of paraffin . The device is designed in a way that is very stable at the hot environments.


The good and ergonomic design of it and also the ease of operation are of the other features of the device. The Paraffin Dispenser holds a 4 liter tank and a hot plate any of which are controlled by a different and independent system. Temperature of the tank and the hot plate could easily be controlled and observed by the operator. The hot paraffin exit flow from the tank takes place by an electric tap which is equipped with a nozzle. Opening and closing the electric tap and the hot paraffin flow from the exit nozzle are controlled by a foot pedal and by the operator so this makes the operator easily make blocks by two hands easily.





-   Equipped with electric tap which could be controlled by a foot pedal


-   The capacity of paraffin melting tank is 4 liters


-   The hot plate temperature could be set for 80°c at maximum level


-   The temperature could be controlled by an accurate electronic sensor with ±5°c accuracy


-   Ease of operation by the operator


-   Big size and easy to read display for ease of reading the temperature by the operator


-   Independency in supplying the parts and spare parts from abroad


-   Equipped with microcontroller system

-   On time servicing and technical supply by the professional experts

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