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The Cold Plate Model DS2535 is produced by Did Sabz company and is a device which cools down a flat plate. Taking into consideration that the temperature of the plate goes under zero it is a suitable device for rapidly making the paraffin blocks.

It is very easy to operate with the device so when the device is operating a plate with below zero temperature is provided in the operating environment for the operator.

The Cold Plate is not only used to make paraffin blocks, but also is a suitable tool for cool reserving of the paraffin blocks before being sectioned by the microtome. The operator first puts the paraffin blocks on the cold plat and then get them at the time of sectioning by the microtome.

Using the Cold Plate in Pathology Laboratories causes ease of sectioning the paraffin blocks and also causes better quality for microtome sectioning.


-  The big flat surface on which 85 paraffin blocks could be placed

-  The cold surface temperature could be set from -5°c to -15°c

-  The cold temperature is provided by a compressor

-  Ease of operation

-  The size of cold plate is 250*350 mm


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