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üLocalizing the production of automatic instrumentation in the country by the experienced professional team of DID SABZ Co.

üThe software and hardware design without any dependency to the abroad

üUse of the LCDs and Standard graphic signs in the External and Internal panel for the ease of operation

üEase of operation because of avoiding complex and multiple menus; the operator can use all facilities of the system with a simple menu easily

üUse of the most recent technologies of the world in designing and implementation of the hardware and software system

üCategorizing all of the probable errors and displaying them on the LCD

üGeneral Logging of the performance of the system and the system elements

üThe hand wheel is designed in a unique way that there is no other similar hand wheel all over the world and no risk threatens the operator while automatic operation of the device

üDesigning and implementation of the sectioning windows in conformity to the size of the pathological tissues: Surgical and Biopsy tissues.

üModular design and implementation of the specimen holder and the blade holder so the specimen holder part could hold paraffin standard blocks or the tissue cassette molds easily

üThe right use of the cutting operands for the operators in four discrete states like SING, STEP, CONT and No.?

üDesigning two control panels one of them is placed on the device and the other one is connected to the device externally. Both of them work independently and negotiate with the device in a Real Time manner

üThe capability of accurate settings of the cutting speed using the selection volume

üSpeed levels: 20 levels of speed

üThe capability of sectioning and trimming in toggling manner through External and Internal keyboards and also via the foot pedal

üThe thickness of Sectioning could be set from 0.5 to 60 microns and it could be set from 1 to 600 microns for Trimming

üRetraction could be set from 5 to 200 microns and it is also could be turned off

üThe possibility of Aload to guide the tissue block to a favorite point automatically which could be also turned off by the will of the operator



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