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The Semi Automatic Microtome Model DS 9209 is produced by DID SABZ Company which holds the responsibility of cutting the human and animal tissues embedded in paraffin.

All mechanical settings like the specimen getting further or nearer the blade or the section thickness settings, trimming settings and… are removed in this microtome. In this microtome just the micro handle is stirred manually and all of the other settings and the system facilities are operated automatically and controlled by the motor.

The cutting settings of this system happens in two ways, Trimming and Sectioning , very accurately and by the control panel using the increasing and the decreasing keys and by observing its value on the panel easily. The sectioning value could be set from 0.5 to 60 micron and is used to provide the thin sections. The trimming could be set from 2 to 600 micron which is used for thick sections and to rapid access to the tissue surface. The situation could be changed from sectioning to trimming immediately and real time by the operator which is one of the advantages of this microtome and causes speedy operation in providing the favored sections.

The other facility of this device is the Retraction operation which could be changed between 1 and 100 micron by the operator and provides consecutive sectioning possibility. It must be added that this operation could be turned on or off by the operator.

The blade holder is designed in a way that makes the use of different permanent blades with different types and disposable ones possible.

The blade holder set is formed by two parts which could be positioned in 5 to 15 degrees angel according to the blade type from the specimen clamp.

The specimen clamp could be used in Standard Paraffin Block and Tissue Embedding Cassette clamps and could be easily changed and utilized by the operator.

The microtome is equipped with the emergency electric outage which could be used by the operator rapidly when needed and can cut the power supply of the system immediately.

Specifications and Technical Data

- The system operates in a motorized manner and except the micro handle the other motions are controlled by motor and via the control panel.

- The specimen clamp could go ahead and back both rapidly and slowly in course feed of the device.

- Controlling the front and back coarse feed automatically by accurate control of the sensors.

- The device is controlled and managed in real time manner using two panels

- The device system is equipped with Retraction (RET) facility which is be activated would lead to the consecutive sectioning.

- The device Trimming (TRM) system could be set to decrease the time of accessing the surface of the tissue which is a very functional process for the crowded centers.

- Home position: This position makes the operator able to lead the specimen clamp to the primary position by touching the button.

- Retraction (RET) of this system could be turned on or off and could also be set by the operator in 1 to 100 micron limits.

- The Trimming (TRM) value could be set by the operator from 2 to 600 micron by the following steps:

            2 micron increments for 2-10 micrometer

            5 micron increments for 10-20 micrometer

            10 micron increments for 20-50 micrometer

            50 micron increments for 50-100 micrometer

            100 micron increments for 100-600 micrometer

 - Capability of counting the section numbers on the display panel and the capability of clearing the counted numbers using the CLEAR key

- Utilizing the micro-processor controlling system in device settings

- The display panel type is Graphite LCD the information related o the settings of the device could be read and observed easily

- The double operating system of the device is provided on the device case and also as a side one as an External controller by which the operation of the keys and the settings and also observation of the numbers happen easily.


Sectioning Thickness Settings by the operator:

            0.5 micron increments for 0.5-5 micrometer

            1 micron increments for 5-20 micrometer

            10 micron increments for 20-60 micrometer



- Equipped with the Universal clamp for accurate settings of the tissue angel to the blade

- The possibility of changing the blade angel by the operator from 0 to 10 degrees

- The system is equipped with the emergency key by which the operator can stop the system operation immediately




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