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DID SABZ company was registered in 1996 aiming designing and producing the medical laboratory devices in West Azarbaijan Province, Urmia City under registration No. 3618 in Company Registration General Office.

Taking into consideration the primary goals of the company, the TISSUE PROCCESSOR Model 2080/H was designed and produced early in 1997. Getting the related certificates from the related references like the Reference Laboratory and the General Office of Medical equipments related to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education it went on mass production line (Certificate No. D/2/8788 Year 1996).

According to the long term goals about designing and producing the medical equipments especially the Pathology Equipments, the company could make plans about producing other Pathology products in development program in short time. This company has also make effective steps in improving the quality of industrial production and better services and also in updating the production technology of which the mechanized production systems and application of the fully automatic C.N.C machines could be pointed.

The products which have gone into mass production programs are:

-  Tissue Processor Model DS2080/H

-  Rotary Microtome Model DS4055

-  Rotary Microtome Model DS8402

- Semi Motorized Microtome Model DS9209

-  Paraffin Dispenser Plus  Model DS 4LM

-  Tissue Float Model DS9008

-  Hot Plate Model DS2025

- Cold Plate Model DS 2535

Did Sabz Company has developed and equipped itself from professional human forces and equipments beside developing and diversifying the products of itself and so it is now one of the most powerful companies in designing and producing the total set of the Pathology equipments in Iran.